NetCyte Management Main Screen

NetCyte Management Main Screen

One of the most crowded screen of NetCyte management platform is Main Screen or "All Host" screen. This part of management platform is designed to show general information about client device, system and other useful functionalities. In this article, we introduce all host screen. Sample view of All Host screen is as below.

  Figure 1. All Host Screen

In this page you can easily view all information about your environment easily. some of the important items are:
Widgets: Provides information about host states and blocking status. You can arrange order by using Widget settings button and can view other widgets by using  button on the right side of widget bar.
System Status: view each NetCyte node system usage and DB usages
Host Network Information: view the host network device information which  connects
Search Box: you can search any word which is contained any menu names in the system
Enable Filter and Filter Section: Filter  section is visible only Enable Filter button is clicked. Once  the Filter section enabled you can search for any column available for the host device. You can define more than one filter section value. All values are combined with 'AND' clause  and executed on DB. Results  are immediately available Client Device List section
Tag Query and Classification Rule view: By default this menu is invisible.  You need to click on  icon to view menu. This section is important to view your 'Tag Query' result as well as Classification Rule applied hosts.
Classification Rule Definitions:  Classification rules can be used manual classification policies, applying  authorisation rules or some other operations. Please go to Classification Policy  documentation for more information. You can access classification policy definition page by using this link.
Client Device List: Client Device List section is a most important section of ALL Host screen.  By using this menu you can access every detail of a host by double clicking on it. Also, you can apply different actions based on object type of a hos by right clicking on it.

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